An old age care centre, shree ayappa old age home. was established in 9/9/2011 the mission was one to care helpless and hapless. The primary objective of organization is to advocate, care, teach and serve them with compassion, kindness and respect for bringing happiness in their lives. The people and staffs who associated with us do not work as profession but they just serve the needy with enthusiasm and passion. Our primary aim is to offer long term health care needs to your family and friends.

Our old age home is in Bangalore was initiated with the intention of looking after people who needed constant care and medical attention in a safe and clean environment. Old age home are meant for senior citizen who are unable to stay with their families or insolvent. The residential, medical facility performs multiple functions catering to the needs of the patients’ and Shree Ayappa old age home is successful organization to provide their services with objectives of homely nursing care for old age and bed ridden patients

Did you know that neglect is the most common form of abuse towards elders (at 48.7%) followed by emotional, financial and physical abuse? It doesn’t take much to give the elderly a decent dignified life.

The concept of the old age home has become quite familiar today, but often for the wrong reasons. The idea seems to evoke a sigh of pity which is uncalled for. Firstly, it has been ascertained by social surveys that there need not be any stigma attached to the residents of old age homes and neither do they require our pity. Secondly, many parents of middle class families are neither neglected nor abandoned by their children.